Lincoln Hyperfill

Lincoln Hyperfill is a patented dual wire solution from Lincoln.
A perfectly matched welding system allows the transport of 2 solid wires through a wire feeder and a hose package together with a twin-wire power nozzle to generate a significantly increased deposition rate of up to 9.42 Kg/h. The system is suitable for manual application as well as for robots and automation solutions.

Two wires, one arc - maximum deposition rate

Melting the Lincoln Hyperfill double wire produces a larger drop of material and a wider arc cone. The process is easy to handle and can be compared to the process controllability of the MAG single wire process.

Hyperfill 1

Lincoln Hyperfill offers up to 50% higher deposition rate

Unlike conventional double wire solutions, the wire arrangement with 2 arcs does not affect the welding properties. The process guarantees a uniformly calm weld pool, which results in higher process reliability.

up to
higher melting rate
Hyperfill 2

Hyperfill means higher productivity and huge savings for your company

The following points speak for Lincoln Hyperfill:

  • Melting capacity of approx. 10 kg/h possible
  • 50 % faster welding with same heat input and penetration
  • More than 7 mm a dimension in one layer
  • Welding bead savings of up to 50
  • Reduction of the burn-in notches at the same tension
  • Both coils and drums can be used
  • Dual feed makes it possible to weld both the Hyperfill process and any other mag and mag impulse processes with just one equipment combination.

Frequently asked questions to Lincoln Hyperfill

What kind of arcing process is Lincoln Hyperfill?

Hyperfill is welded with a low-frequency pulsed arc, which is characterized by low noise.

Do the wires run through a current nozzle?

Yes the wires are first separated in the patented current nozzle with bayonet lock and simultaneously melted in the arc.

Is Hyperfill a complete system or can I add Lincoln Hyperfill to my existing Mag welding system?

The system is a complete system and we sell it as a unit. A Hyperfill unit consists of a carriage, power source, water cooler, wire feeder, ground cable, hose assembly and certified wire electrode.

Is the Hyperfill welding system limited purely to this process?

No, the system can also be used for conventional Mag single wire welds. It is also possible to equip the system with a dual wire feed (wire feed on both sides). In this case, it is possible to control both hyperfill and single-wire applications via the torch button and to arm them alternately.

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