Lincoln Plasma Technology

Through Lincoln Electric plasma cutting equipment, we offer the full range of system technology and equipment for plasma cutting and plasma gouging of sheet metal of various thicknesses. From small hand cutting inverters to stationary plasma cutting tables, we can supply a system to suit your cutting task.

Lincoln Electric Plasma Cutting for Professionals

Plasma cutting is increasingly replacing oxyfuel flame cutting in steel and metal construction. Through different cutting applications, each customer’s needs are determined individually and a suitable device or complete solution is offered. It is in stationary water table cutting applications that the Plug and Play Lincoln Linc Cut System comes into its own.

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Tomahawk Plasma Cutting Inverter

Especially on the construction site or in the workshop, metalworkers need a portable device to have a quick solution for cutting steel and stainless steel at hand. The Lincoln plasma cutting inverters for 3-45 mm thick sheet metal are the ideal companion. The cutting inverters are available in 230 Volt / 16A and for stronger units in 400V / 16A or 32A. Various demonstration units are permanently available at ms and can be tested.

Linc Cut Plasma Cutting Table

Lincoln Electric offers plug & play systems for plasma cutting as a complete package. High-quality cuts of metal parts are easy to implement with the Lincoln Linc Cut.The cutting tables are water tables and reduce emissions during cutting as dirt and metal particles are absorbed by the water bath. A Lincoln Flexcut 125 cutting system and an Accumove control system are used. The product is set up at the customer’s site within an hour and programming requires little learning for operators. The table is available in 2 dimensions for sheets of 1000×2000 mm (Linc Cut 1020W) and 1500×3000 mm (Linc Cut 1530W).

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