Lincoln submerged arc welding

Since our company was founded in 1989, we have been dealing with submerged arc welding technology on an almost daily basis, supplying our customers with automatic carriers, welding technology and the desired welding filler consisting of wire and powder. We can realize complete UP gantries for stationary production or a solution for the construction site consisting of UP tractor and UP inverter power source. Internationally, we have already installed complete UP systems in cement plants and pipe mills.

Together with the world market leader Lincoln Electric and Melchior Schweißtechnik

The Lincoln company has brought a lot of patented innovations to the market in submerged arc welding in the last decades, from which we still benefit today as a premium partner. Terms such as long stick out or tape plating often come up. Increase the melting capacity by approx. 50 %, despite low cost and minor rebuild measures. We at ms gmbh know how it works and are happy to help you.

Lincoln Electric and MS Melchior Schweißtechnik - that is the highest standard in submerged arc welding technology.

Retrofit from old to new

We specialize in retrofits on UP welding gantries and equipment. Especially in today’s world, energy efficiency and cost savings play an increasingly important role. You already have an existing “veteran” submerged arc welding system including automatic machine carrier. Here usually helps an exchange of individual components incl. Revision of existing parts. We will carry out an assessment of the existing plant combination at your premises and together we will advise you on how we can bring your plant back up to the state of the art in a cost-efficient manner.

PowerWave technology

Lincoln Power Wave AC/DC welding power sources are the heart of your UP welding operation. Whether single or multi-wire applications, the DC and AC capabilities offered by this state-of-the-art power source technology allow you to weld any wire diameter and expand your system from single to multi-wire applications, increasing your desired deposition rate by up to 300%.

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