Miller buildup welding

Hardfacing is used to protect components from wear and corrosion.
By applying an alloy layer in the form of an “open arc” cored wire, component wear can be counteracted. Cored wires with different degrees of hardness and alloys are used for this purpose.

MS GmbH the experts for buildup welding systems

For more than 2 decades, we have been designing and building complete buildup welding systems for cladding sheet metal, which are used, for example, in the cement and bulk materials industries. In the past, buildup welding with flux cored wires without inert gas has become the accepted method. Customized hardness levels can be achieved by using a wide variety of alloys. Depending on the application, we work with 2-8 welding heads that are adapted to a welding portal that moves over a welding table. We have created the perfect all-in-one solution for this application with the Miller Dimension 650 multiprocess inverter power source, which achieves 650 amps at 100% duty cycle and weighs only 73 kg. The system is rounded off by a high-quality and extremely robust Miller wire feed motor and a Miller cooling unit, which ensures perfect cooling of the torch even during 24-hour operation.

Hardfacing 1

Miller Power of Blue 24/7

Especially with claddings, welding can sometimes take a little longer. 24 hours highest demands on technology and equipment. We have just the thing!

Here are a few key facts about the equipment we use:

  • Inverter power source with 650 amps at 100 % ED
  • Cooling unit 5500 W at 18000 BTU/hour
  • High performance automatic burner with double cooling and NW 5 water connections Eigenbau MS
  • Miller high performance wire feed motor
  • Specially designed control box with Miller control units and ventilation system
  • Heavy Duty Wire Conveyor Hoses and Feed Support Systems

We at MS GmbH offer retrofits for your existing buildup welding system. Feel free to contact us for the purchase of a new system or a retrofit, we will be happy to advise you. If required, there is also the possibility to have a look at one of our reference projects and convince yourself of our expertise.

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