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Miller develops reliable, high-quality solutions for welding requirements that provide our customers with exceptional performance. For our products we offer additional support and service. Together with the competent and passionate welders who use our products, we create durable products that benefit our customers.

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Our highly trained technicians will be happy to offer you advice and support in the procurement and optimization of your operational equipment. Miller welding experts will evaluate your existing processes, develop recommendations for improvement, and help you put your plans into action and reap the benefits.

With our modern Miller SubArc Digital – device series we offer you solutions for almost every application in the field of submerged arc welding. They are easy to install, integrate and operate with new or existing systems. They impress with their robustness, performance and exceptional reliability, which you need for your work. You can expect all this when you produce with Miller.

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Miller’s SubArc Digital series offers both DC and AC/DC characteristics. DC Digital models are rated for 650 – 1000 amps and the AC/DC Digital models are rated for 1000 amps at 100% duty cycle. The power sources are capable of handling submerged arc (SAW) and electroslag (ESW) welding applications from conventional DC single arc to multi-wire tandem welding. For ESW welding or other high current requirements, two or more current sources can be easily connected in parallel. In addition to these power source options, the series offers two interface controls – analog and digital – and a range of wire drive motors and accessories, including single and dual wire torches and external coating heads. The accessories are supplied with a safe and low control voltage (24 VAC) from the power source.


Miller’s SubArc DC Series transformer/rectifier power sources combine high efficiency with maximum reliability. These machines have a very reliable thyristor power control. Newly developed digital control and communications electronics improve welding performance and simplify equipment integration into more advanced applications.

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