Miller welding equipment

Miller welding equipment is among the most popular and best-selling welding equipment around the globe. For this reason, Miller has been developing innovative solutions for any welding challenge for years. Customers worldwide include those in aerospace, motorsports, heavy industry, agriculture and shipbuilding.

Tradition for years

Since 1929, Miller has been on a quest for innovative and solid solutions, and in that time has grown from a one-man distribution company in northeast Appleton, Wisconsin, to the company it is today: one of the largest manufacturers of welding equipment for arc, electric hand, MIG/MAG, TIG, submerged arc and electroslag welding, as well as cutting equipment. Miller has kept the tradition alive by providing rugged and reliable equipment of the highest quality for now nearly 100 years.

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Robust and typical American! Miller Welds.

Miller places a high priority on the ruggedness of welding equipment to meet the toughest demands of conditions around the world. Whether MIG/MAG welding machine from the MigMatic series, TIG/TIG welding machines from the Dynasty / Syncrowave series, electrode inverter or submerged arc power source, together with you we will find the right system for your application. Let our sales staff advise you.

Quality that convinces

At the Appleton Wisconsin headquarters, approximately 1500 people work around the clock to ensure permanently consistent product quality. From welders to Weldcraft TIG torch wear parts, all components are “Made in America” right at the Appleton plant.
Many customers and also we have already seen for ourselves in Appleton the robustness and the high quality requirements that Miller places on itself and the machine technology it produces in-house. Common test procedures include the Oklahoma Dust chamber (metal dust chamber), the cold chamber, a tropical chamber, and a variety of vibration and drop tests.
It’s hard to imagine the welding industry without Miller at the forefront. Suitable for all industries where welding is the order of the day.

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