Rental service

ms gmbh not only offers machines for sale, we also have a large rental park with more than 50 machines from well-known manufacturers. Our offer includes MAG, TIG, plasma and submerged arc equipment, as well as induction heating equipment, rail-mounted welding tractors, chamfering equipment, power tools and exhaust systems. Due to our extensive machine park, we are able to deliver the machines quickly to the construction site or production facility and thus avoid downtime.

Avoid failures

Renting machines is a cost-effective solution, e.g. to compensate for breakdowns or production peaks. For all welding processes, as well as induction heating, we provide you with the optimal equipment solution. All devices are tested and equipped ready for welding by us before delivery. On request, we can provide you with wear parts, additional materials and protective gases at a charge.

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Our machines at a glance

Induction systems35kW
E-hand welding machines160 - 800A
MIG/MAG welding machines200 - 500A
TIG welding equipment170 - 500A
Plasma cutting systems25 -150A
Chamfering devices
Tractor systems for welding/cutting
Power tools

Miller ProHeat35

Here you can learn more about our induction heating systems from ITW.

Gullco tractor systems

Here you can learn more about our welding tractors for welding and cutting from the company Gullco.

Rental service 2

Our service at a glance

  • Exclusively rental machines from renowned manufacturers
  • All rental machines are checked before delivery
  • Wide range of machines and tools
  • Fast delivery times
  • No more downtime
  • Delivery incl. Wear parts, filler materials and shielding gas possible
  • If required, annealing services with operating personnel

Frequently asked questions to the rental service

How much is the daily rent of MAG equipment?

The rental rate strongly depends on the configuration of the plant, the rental period and the number of machines.

I would like to rent a rail guided tractor system for a new job, but I cannot operate the machine!?

We offer on-site instruction or operating personnel for the complete rental period. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Are there any costs for me after the rent?

Quality and reliability is very important to us! Therefore, all rental equipment is subjected to extensive testing after return delivery to rule out defects in subsequent rentals. We charge a flat inspection fee for this.

Do I have to pay for the rental equipment on weekends as well?

Yes, we only charge a 7-day week for our rental equipment.

My rental equipment is defective! What now?

Even the most carefully inspected equipment can fail. We will replace your equipment as soon as possible so that you can resume your work quickly.

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Do you have any questions about our services or products? Contact us. We are looking forward to you and your projects!