Repair, testing and calibration service

Our technicians repair, test and calibrate welding and cutting equipment, welding tractors, power tools and extraction systems of all well-known manufacturers. We offer on-site service or service in our workshop. Our technicians regularly attend further education and training courses in order to always remain up to date with the latest technology. This is the only way we can repair and inspect your machines quickly and reliably.

Service workshop Miller / Lincoln / Gullco

We are a certified service center for the manufacturers Gullco, Lincoln and Miller. Our many years of experience, our expertise and a large stock of spare parts mean that your machines will be repaired and subjected to an electrical test quickly and reliably.

Repair / Testing / Calibration 1

Safety inspection according to DGUV regulation 3 or VDE 701/702

We offer you an electrical test of your portable welding equipment in due time according to DIN EN 60974-4 including. Inspection sticker and protocol by our trained personnel on. Testing is carried out with the A3-S testing device from Safetytest, which automatically carries out the individual tests with fault evaluation in accordance with DIN specifications. A protocol is created for documentation, archived by us and printed out for your records. We create inventory lists of your machines and promptly notify you of the next inspection date. Any necessary repairs can usually be carried out during the test.

Calibration and validation service

We calibrate E-Hand, TIG, MIG/MAG and UP welding equipment according to the valid standards and laws. Part of the calibration is the issuance of a certificate according to IEC 60974 for your records and a plaque with the calibration date. Our technicians can perform the calibration at your site or in our in-house workshop. All metalworking companies certified according to EN 1090 or DIN EN ISO 9001 ff. are required to have their arc welding equipment calibrated. The calibration and validation of the welding technology in your company is at the same time a prerequisite for qualified documentation in quality management. It also serves as proof for the employers’ liability insurance association and insurance company in the event of damage.

Loaner service

If the repair of your machine takes a little longer, we can provide you with a rental machine for the downtime. Our rental park in Mülheim includes high-quality and modern welding machines and power tools for all common welding processes. You can find more information about our rental service in the link below.

Economic efficiency

Not all repairs are the same! Our trained technicians will provide you with an estimate and you will decide if the repair of your machine or power tools is an option. If you decide that repair is uneconomical, we will offer you a comparable new unit.

Repair / Testing / Calibration 2

Our service at a glance

  • Repair of welding machines and power tools of all manufacturers and years of manufacture
  • Creation and archiving of test protocols
  • Creation of inventory lists for your company
  • Certified service workshop for manufacturers Gullco, Lincoln and Miller
  • Repair, testing and calibration at your site or in our workshop
  • Preparation of cost estimates
  • Loaner service to bridge the repair time
  • All common spare parts in stock

Frequently asked questions to the repair, testing and calibration service

How much will it cost to repair my machine?

It is very difficult to say in general how expensive the repair will be. If you provide us with a description of the fault when you hand in the machine, we can start the repair quickly and specifically, which reduces the costs. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate.

My welding machine is broken and I can not continue to work!!! What should I do?

In this case we can offer you a comparable rental equipment and repair your machine as soon as possible

My machine is already 10 years old! Is it worth repairing?

Our trained technicians perform a profitability analysis prior to each repair and will let you know immediately if a repair is no longer worthwhile.

At what intervals do I need to have my welding machines inspected?

The inspection interval for welding machines is usually exactly 1 year.
If we perform audits for you, we will automatically contact you the following year when the re-audit is due.

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