Welding consumables Certilas

Our partner Certilas offers us a large product portfolio of welding consumables and is one of the top 3 brands in the Netherlands. Almost all filler materials are available directly from stock and can be delivered to our customers within 2-3 working days. Common welding consumables from Certilas are permanently stored at our premises in Mülheim, so that delivery can be made on the same day as the order.

Warehouse in Huissen Netherlands

We can permanently access the warehouse in the Netherlands and request the desired stock levels. On average, about 2000 tons of welding consumables are stored in Huissen and can be shipped on the same day if ordered before 4 pm.

Whether low, medium or high alloyed we will find together the suitable filler metal for your application. At our headquarters in Huissen, we have the possibility to carry out joint welding tests with Certila’s additives and determine the best solution for your welding task.

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We can offer you a huge selection of stellites. Particularly in the case of hard surfacing on components subject to high wear, these materials are very often welded. Stellite 6 in particular is very often used here as a tig rod (welding rod) or also as a rod electrode.

Underwater welding electrode Certilas Aquaforce MG

We have actively participated in the development of a Certilas underwater welding electrode. This underwater welding electrode has a thick coating to provide maximum resistance to moisture penetration. The electrode produces a flat-shaped seam pattern with deep penetration and low porosity. Fillet welds with a dimension of 3-4 mm can be welded with a single layer. The electrode is tested to a water depth of 20 meters and can be used in all positions (except PF). We at ms gmbh have this electrode permanently in stock, as we supply various underwater welding companies with the Certilas AquaForce MG.

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