Welding consumables from Oerlikon Schweißtechnik

Oerlikon is one of the leading international brands in welding technology, offering innovative solutions to increase performance and productivity. Oerlikon has four centers of excellence in Europe. Welding consumables of the highest quality are manufactured here and are subject to high production standards.

Stick electrodes from Oerlikon

Oerlikon brand stick electrodes have been known worldwide for many years and can be found on all construction sites around the globe. The Oerlikon Spezial and Oerlikon Fincord rod electrodes in particular are frequently welded electrodes. Our warehouse permanently holds approx. 5 tons of Oerlikon stick electrodes, many customers benefit from our short delivery times.

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Oerlikon UP welding rods

The perfectly matched combination of wire and powder makes all the difference with Oerlikon welding consumables. Common solid wire electrodes for submerged arc welding such as OE S2 and OE S2Mo are just some of the common brand names.

Oerlikon UP welding powder

Oerlikon welding fluxes are the global standard in the offshore, oil and gas industries. OP 121 TT is a fully basic agglomerated powder for welding fine grain structural steels in industry. It places high demands on the weld seam, and the UP powder is used in particular for thick-walled components.

Oerlikon Fluxofil cored wires

The Oerlikon Fluxofil cored wire is a very commonly used tubular wire, which is form-sealed by the HF process. Oerlikon offers this wire with metal powder filling (slagless) as well as rutile and rutile/basic with fast and slow solidifying slag. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate wire for your welding application.

Oerlikon Tig Welding Rods

The Oerlikon portfolio also includes TIG welding rods for low-alloy steels and corrosion- and heat-resistant steels. Here, the Oerlikon Inertrod TIG welding rods are particularly leading.

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