Welding consumables from Sidergas

With more than 50 years of experience in wire drawing and an annual production of almost 50,000 tons, Sidergas is one of the leading European manufacturers of carbon steel and aluminum welding wires, whose remarkable high quality is recognized and confirmed by important international certification bodies.

Quality of sidergas products

Sidergas is committed to continuously developing innovative products and technologies that meet the industry’s growing demand for reliable filler metals in welding automation and increasingly stringent workplace safety standards. Thanks to a constant interaction and cooperation with end customers and distributors worldwide, Sidergas has managed to successfully expand its production facilities and business volume year after year.

Sidergas welding wires in bulk (barrels of various sizes) have become synonymous with reliability, consistent performance and safety. The consistent quality of the torsion-free sider gas welding wire is crucial for arc stability, reduced wear of the current contact nozzles and maximum production efficiency.

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We stand out from the competition

Recently, ms gmbh has been exclusively marketing the Clearod sidergas welding rod with a bright and uncopper-plated wire surface. The wire convinces with many advantages compared to the commercially available solid wires of the competitors.

The following advantages distinguish the Sidergas Clearod solid wire:

  • the steel products used come exclusively from a German steel production facility and contain a maximum scrap content of 5%. With this value, Sidergas has created a unique selling point compared to all market competitors in terms of quality and reliability.
  • No copper abrasion, thus very low wear of contact tip and hose assembly
  • very stable and low-spatter arc (copper burns explosively in the arc and produces small spatters)
  • environmentally friendly production through special coating process, the environmentally harmful electroplating process is eliminated.
  • Constant wire feeding behavior due to improved feeding properties of the bare surface
  • Significantly less smoke development! No copper particles and thus lower respiratory air and health exposure to harmful copper-containing welding fumes.
  • the patented “Twist Free” technology guarantees twist-free wire exit for all drum products. This ensures constant arc stability.
  • All spare parts are maximally protected against wear and abrasion by wire exit without windings

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