Gullco International offers different solutions to make your welds and seam edge preparation more effective and to relieve the operator.

Gullco 1

Tractor systems

Gullco tractor systems are successfully used worldwide for cutting and welding tasks on flat or curved sheets and tubes.

Gullco 2

Ceramic bath fuses

Our KATBAK ceramic weld pool fuses are made of high quality and high temperature resistant pressed ceramic.

Gullco 3

Seam edge milling machine

Our KBM-18 & KBM-28 seam edge milling machines are used worldwide for chamfering steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Sheet thicknesses of 6 – 50 mm can be processed at an angle of 22.5° – 55°.

Gullco 4

Drying ovens

Some substances in welding electrodes and fluxes can absorb moisture from the atmosphere and must be re-dried before processing. Drying ovens are used for this purpose.

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Special construction

Many welding tasks require an individual solution. This is where our experienced engineers come in. Together with you, we develop the right solution for your application.

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