Miller ProHeat35 Induction Units

Miller’s ProHeat 35 induction system is ideal for preheating and stress-relieving annealing of components. It is characterized by faster, safer and more efficient heating compared to conventional methods, such as resistance heating or preheating with flame. For more than 10 years, we, ms gmbh, have been successfully serving industrial companies with our induction technology. Our rental park includes 20 induction systems, which we can provide you with operating personnel. We are also happy to train your own personnel so that you can work even more flexibly and cost-effectively with our rental equipment.


Induction heating is an industrial process for contactless heating of electrically conductive materials. For this purpose, the workpieces are brought into the alternating magnetic field of a coil so that eddy currents are induced in them, leading to heating of the material.

We successfully use the Miller Pro Heat 35 in steel, tank and apparatus construction, in industrial repair, as well as in ship, pipeline and pipeline construction.

Proheat 35 1


  • Time savings due to shorter processes
    – Faster to selected temperature due to induction
    – Greatly reduced setup costs due to simple application
    – Easy setup and programming
  • Significant reduction in ancillary costs
    – High efficiency due to induction (up to 90 %), thus low power consumption
    – No personnel costs due to external companies for annealing services
    – Reduction of disposal costs due to reusable insulation
  • Higher quality of results
    – Highest temperature consistency
    – Precise dosage of the supplied – heat – no overheating
    – No surface damage due to open flame
    – Dry heat – no condensation from open flame
    – Precise documentation through digital recording
Proheat 35 2
Proheat 35 3
  • More security
    – No risk of burns, no open flame or ceramic elements
    – No carbon monoxide exposure from open flame
    – Insulation monitoring with safety shutdown
    – Flow controller
  • Simple application
    – Easy assembly of insulation and cable by welder / user
    – With only one cable each for power source, workstation and measuring element
  • Better flexibility
    – Flexible use on round, flat and uneven surfaces
    – For preheating, hydrogen arm annealing and heat treatment
    – Heating cables can be laid optimally with an adjustment
    – Heating elements can be removed immediately – no cooling required
    – Low weight and space requirement

Brand new in the ArcReach® Heater program

The ArcReach® Heater air-cooled induction heating system is specifically designed for preheating and heating applications up to 315 °C without the need for a chiller and coolant. As part of the ArcReach technology platform, the heater is an accessory for select ArcReach welding power sources.The ArcReach Heater features built-in temperature control and allows manual or computer-controlled programming of up to six thermocouples. The ArcReach Heater can be used with one or two heating tools (air-cooled cables or air-cooled rapid banding) simultaneously. For this, you also need the ArcReach Heater extension cable.

Are you interested in buying or renting an induction system from Miller? Our competent sales staff will be happy to advise you on the possibilities. Contact us today!

Frequently asked questions about Miller ProHeat35 induction units

I am interested in buying a system for induction heating, but I do not know the technology!?

We will be happy to advise you on the possible applications of our induction systems and can also demonstrate them at your premises. Should you decide to purchase, you will of course receive instruction from us.

Can I rent an induction heating system even for a few days?

We rent our induction equipment on a daily basis. We will be happy to provide you with an offer for the application, if desired also with operating personnel.

Do you repair induction heating equipment and accessories?

In our workshop in Mülheim we can repair all components of the Miller Pro Heat 35 and other manufacturers, whether power source or heating cable.

Up to what temperature can I heat components?

The maximum heating temperature is approx. 788°C. The water-cooled heating cables can be used up to approx. 200°C without additional insulation, above 200°C the heating cable must be protected by insulation.

Can you calculate the time I need to preheat my component to a certain temperature?

Over the years we have developed calculation tools to calculate the time needed to heat your components.

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