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Lincoln Electric welding consumables are versatile and complete the product range alongside the world’s popular welding equipment, consisting of stick electrodes, flux cored wires (Innershield self-protecting), Mig/Mag welding wires, submerged arc wire and powder combinations, and Tig welding rods.

Innershield welding rod from Lincoln Electric, a world-renowned classic

Innershield NR-203, NR-211 and Lincoln NS3M are familiar names when it comes to Lincoln self-protecting cored wires. Self-protecting cored wires can be welded without inert gas, which has the advantage that they can also be welded outdoors regardless of the weather. We would be happy to advise you on the wide range of applications for the Innershield process, such as hydraulic engineering/sheet pile construction, rail joint welding and bridge construction.

Are you looking for a weather-resistant welding process independent of the stick electrode, contact us and let us inform you about the wide range of applications of self-protecting flux cored wires.

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Lincoln Electric Stick Electrodes

Lincoln offers a variety of stick electrodes for simple to demanding tasks. Among Lincoln stick electrodes, the Arosta series stands out in all its form.
The Arosta electrodes are suitable for the CrNi range and, depending on the type, can be used for armor plates, build-up welds and buffer layers.
Arosta Types 309 and 316 are the first choice of many welders worldwide.

Lincoln Electric Mig/Mag Wires

Proper selection of Mig/Mag solid wire can affect productivity, efficiency and yield. At the world’s largest manufacturer of solid wires, we are sure to find the right solution for you.
Not only do we offer you the right Mig/Mag wire for your welding job, but we also advise you on your budget when it comes to determining the right filler metal for your project.

Lincoln Electric welding rods with Hyperfil approval

Lincoln’s patented Hyperfil welding process places the highest demands on filler metal and quality. Here, the focus was on a wire that is as twist-free as possible and has the best conveying properties. The process is completed with the following wires. Wires certified below may be used for the process:

  • Carbofil 1 Gold (G3Si1)
  • Carbofil 1A Gold (G4Si1)
  • Supramig HD (G4Si1)
  • Supramig Ultra (G4Si1)

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