Lincoln LN 25 Innershield

The Lincoln Innershield process is a welding process commonly used on outdoor construction sites. The so-called Innershield wire is supplied on a standard basket or ring coil and can be welded without inert gas.
Weather and wind conditions can almost not harm this wire.

Innershield insert

Modern bridge construction, steel hydraulic engineering, shipyards and track construction, are increasingly turning to the Innershield process on construction sites, as it can replace the stick electrode and offer enormous savings potential. Shielding gas is not required for this welding process, so that it is often referred to as flux cored wire without shielding gas. As soon as welding is carried out in the open, this system is justified. More and more welding companies around the world are turning to this process, even though it was developed almost 80 years ago.

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Basics of the Innershield Process

Innershield wire, or flux cored wire without inert gas, contains a powder filling (arc stabilizer) in a small metal tube. The powder contains the alloying elements and arc stabilizers to be able to generate an arc without inert gas. The metal tube is melted in the arc and causes the weld seam to be filled with filler metal.

Economic efficiency

A major advantage of gas-shielded flux-cored welding over stick electrodes is that the wire is on a so-called “continuous spool” weighing approx. 11 kg. In contrast to electric manual welding, welding can be carried out without interruption, as the pause times for changing the stick electrodes are eliminated. Transport costs for argon gas cylinders, which are classified as hazardous goods, are eliminated.

Innershield (LN 25) 2

Welding equipment for the Innershield process

An Innershield system combination consists of a welding inverter e.g. Lincoln Flextec 350, a closed flame resistant wire feed case Lincoln LN-25 and a special air cooled flux cored welding torch K126.

Frequently asked questions to Lincoln Innershield

Which wire diameters are offered for the Innershield process?

Wire diameters range from 1.6 to 2.8 mm, depending on the welding task.

Can I also weld in halls and workshops with a flux cored wire without inert gas?

In general, gas shielded flux cored welding is also suitable for indoor applications. Here, however, a welding fume extraction system and-or a suitable helmet with respiratory protection system must be provided.

Do you have rental equipment to familiarize yourself with the Innershield process?

We have a large rental park of various welding systems and can gladly put together a welding system to suit your application at any time.

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