Gullco Welding Electrode and Flux Dryer

Some substances in welding electrodes and fluxes can absorb moisture from the atmosphere and must be re-dried before processing. Drying ovens are used for this purpose. Gullco offers portable and stationary electrode and powder dryers in various sizes. Recommendations for re-drying time and temperature can be obtained from the respective manufacturers.

Technical data

Our drying ovens have a capacity of 9 – 450 kg and reach temperatures of 150°C – 455°C. All our ovens have a thermostat, the temperature can be adjusted continuously by a potentiometer. The portable ovens have a lift device to conveniently remove the electrodes, making the work easier. A robust design enables construction site use.

Drying ovens 1

Our models at a glance

For electrodes
10B-20approx. 9 kg40° - 150° C
50-220approx. 22 kg40° - 150° C
125-220approx. 56 kg40° - 290° C
350-220approx. 158 kg40° - 290° C
350-H-Capprox. 158 kg40° - 345° C
1000approx. 453 kg40° - 290° C
For powder
GOV-100approx. 45 kg40° - 205° C
GOV-200approx. 90 kg40° - 290° C
GOV-600approx. 272 kg40° - 455° C
  • Drying furnace available for stick electrodes and welding fluxes
  • Capacity available from 9 – 450 kg
  • All drying ovens are infinitely variable and have a thermostat
  • Very robust, suitable for construction site use
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Lift device for the removal of electrodes on all portable furnaces
  • Floors of the stationary furnaces can be removed
  • Stationary furnaces are stackable

Frequently asked questions to Gullco drying ovens

Can I regulate the temperature of the ovens?

All our ovens have a thermostat and a potentiometer for continuous temperature adjustment.

How can I remove my stick electrodes from the portable furnaces?

All of our portable drying ovens have a lift device to conveniently remove the electrodes.

Is it possible to stack the stationary ovens?

Our stationary ovens are stackable. A small indentation on the top of the oven prevents the 2nd oven from slipping.

My Gullco drying oven is defective. What can I do?

In our workshop in Mülheim, we usually have all spare parts for the furnaces in stock and can carry out a repair quickly and reliably.

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